About Jonathan Spaeth

I want to teach others how to succeed in investing by providing free content and resources with the opportunity to partner with me along the way. I can help take the guesswork out of the real estate investing journey by providing insight into financing, top growth markets, value-add investment properties, and off-market deals that will provide continuous profit with little hassle.

Jonathan Spaeth

My Journey

I’ve always visualized the lifestyle I wanted and then worked backwards to achieve it. So, before retiring from corporate America at 40 years old and achieving financial freedom through real estate investing, I worked as a software engineer for 20+ years. During that time, I was always looking for opportunities to grow passive income as well as my net worth, which led me to real estate.

  • Control $4M+ in RE assets
  • 380+ rental units and counting
  • 6 figure net marketing/wholesaling company