Do you want passive real estate income?

Hi, I’m Jonathan Spaeth. I want to give you the tools you need to improve your cash flowing assets and passive real estate investing portfolio. I help people like you buy real estate assets and execute a unique business strategy that fits your financial and lifestyle goals. My only question is, are you ready to achieve financial freedom?

Jonathan Spaeth

Who is Jonathan Spaeth?

I’m a work hard, play hard kind of guy. I skydive, snowboard, travel the world, and am up for trying just about anything.

My goal is to help others get on the fast-track to wealth building and financial freedom. I want to teach you how to free up your most valuable asset: your time. Together, we can start developing your strategy and building your portfolio, one asset at a time.

What You’ll Learn?

“Work to learn and you'll always earn” by Kiyosaki is hands down one of my favorite quotes. So in the spirit of learning and earning, this site is dedicated to giving you the fundamentals, tools, and insider knowledge into how to gain the financial freedom to pursue what drives you through real estate investing and scaling businesses. And I’m giving it all away for free, including:

  • The advantages of income-generating real estate.
  • The different streams of investing income.
  • How to analyze rental properties, cash-flow, and returns.
  • Mergers and acquisitions of existing businesses.
  • How to minimize risk and maximize returns.
  • How to create freedom in your life through investing and entrepreneurship.